Light production models

Two new Pro Series MFPs from Sharp are designed to meet the evolving needs of on-demand light production printing. The new models, BP-90C80 and BP-90C70, offer a solution for entry-level light production printing at a reduced cost, with higher printing capabilities, high quality precise printing and improved productivity for heavier weight media

The next generation of printing systems bring together Sharp’s complete edge to edge full bleed printing capabilities with powerful Fiery digital front ends (DFEs), further extending the company’s ecosystem of smart office devices and services to meet the needs of any business. The Fiery Print Servers can be embedded into the BP-90C80 and BP-90C70 or installed externally.
By relying on the Fiery Server’s advanced processing and automated
job preparation capabilities, the latest additions to the Sharp Pro Series offer advanced control for local and remote Mac and PC clients to edit, submit and preview jobs before printing without sacrificing speed.
The new models offer increased productivity across a range of heavier paper weights, with engine speeds operating at 100% efficiency all the way up to 220gsm. The BP-90C70 offers printing at 70/75 ppm colour/BW, with the BP-90C80 operating at 80/80 ppm colour/BW.
Additionally, full-bleed booklets and brochures are supported with optional trimming; stapling and hole punching; page insertion, and different folds. A range of paper types are also accounted for, with coated, uncoated and textured stock supported from the input tray through to a choice of finishing systems.

Both models feature Sharp’s largest 15.4” integrated colour touchscreen with multi-touch finger swipe control supported. An updated status screen allows for advanced job queue visibility. Fiery’s embedded controller simplifies job programming with easy-to-master colour tools.
To support today’s interconnected workforce, the models can be integrated into Microsoft Teams or Gmail through a native connector, meaning employees can easily print from and scan documents to their email, Teams channels and folders.



Focus On: What’s New

Productive hybrid work environments

Xerox has announced a collection of new solutions and services designed to accelerate digital transformation, productivity and security in the hybrid workplace, while saving time and reducing IT hassles.
The launch of the new Xerox VersaLink C415/B415/C625/B625 and the Xerox VersaLink C620/B620 completes a total refresh of its A4 printers and MFPs.
The MFPs use machine learning to recognise common tasks and suggest more efficient processes, eliminating programming steps and saving valuable time. High-capacity scanning quickly turns hardcopy into digital files and initiates digital workflows.
The Xerox Intelligent Filer scanning app leverages artificial intelligence to provide automatic categorisation, standardised naming structures and suggest filing locations that enables users to easily find filed documents in the right location with the right name.
Xerox Workflow Central platform makes it easy to instantly transform paper and digital documents on any device including PCs, tablets, mobile devices and MFPs automating the most tedious document centric tasks. The update adds three workflows along with an automation tool that reinforces hybrid work practices and security.
New capabilities include workflow automation – enabling users to create their own custom workflows to streamline everyday tasks based on conditional formatting that runs in the background when those conditions are met (just like if this, then that). Protect – adds a protective wrapper around shared documents to track, restrict and even allow deletion when forwarded on to others; cloud-based send fax capabilities for hybrid workers and convert to PDF functionality.

Xerox MPS now includes cloud-native printer fleet maintenance and supplies management and adds automated driver deployment for any brand of printer. The latest developments are powered by the Xerox Workplace Cloud software platform which eliminates the need for onsite print servers and related costs and provides a zero footprint solution. This cloud-first approach is designed to meet the needs of any client, regardless of size. Fleet security management updates enable detection of suspicious activity for rapid incident response.


“Where the carpet ends”

Loosely speaking, that’s where the line gets drawn between where traditional office print dominates, and where thermal printing takes over in relevance.
This is especially true when it comes to Manufacturing, Transport, and Logistics (MTL), where things become rugged. These core verticals combined represent Zebra’s largest market.
As well as Décor, there is also something of a use case divide. Carpet side the use cases are largely in relation to document solutions. Whereas beyond the carpet, it’s predominantly Asset Tracking Solutions (ATS) – which in very simplistic terms is barcode labels on boxes. If you can scan it, you can track it.
So, what exactly is thermal printing, what are its advantages for MTL organisations, and what does it take to be the market leader in this space? Thermal printing uses heat to create images on special paper or labels. Zebra provides printers of both types; Direct Thermal (applies heat directly to specially coated paper), and Thermal Transfer (transfers ink from a ribbon onto paper or synthetics using heat from a thermal printhead).
Durability, resistance to environmental factors, lack of consumables, fast printing speeds and lower maintenance requirements make thermal printing a preferred choice for applications in harsh environments, such as MTL.
Zebra customers have confidence of working with a market leader. We are #1 in Rugged Mobile Computing, Data Capture, Barcode Printing, and Mobile RFID. We are also a Global leader in the Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Indoor Location Services.
Part of our success is how we orchestrate technologies to go beyond tracking solutions, empowering organisations to make every asset, as well as every worker, visible, connected and fully optimised.
The other part is ensuring we nail the fundamentals. For that we have arguably the most comprehensive portfolio of Thermal Printers and Certified Printing Supplies, all supported by our Print DNA software ecosystem. Our printers drive relentless performance in any environment. Printing is business critical. If warehouses can’t print shipping labels, customers can’t get products. If drivers can’t print receipts, invoices can’t be processed. And if you can’t print ID access cards, then security could be a concern.
Next Month – we’ll take a slightly deeper dive into the print portfolio, covering Industrial, Desktop. Mobile and Card. But if you want to start a conversation with your customers now, it’s easy. Just start by asking whether they have assets they need to track. Ask if they are they using labels in their organisation. Or ask if they have some older thermal printers that could do with being traded-up to newer technology using our Zebra Printer Trade Up Program.



A decade in print

Marianne Chamberlain, Sales Director, Data Direct shares her experiences over the past decade, what she’s learned, and the highs and the lows of our unique and challenging industry

PrintIT Reseller (PITR): You’ve been working in the print and IT industry for more than ten years. What led you to enter the sector?
Marianne Chamberlain (MC): You could say it was a fluke or even by chance,
if I’m being totally honest it wasn’t a conscious choice! After my first job didn’t pan out (see below) I had to look at an alternative career path.
I was interested in sales and tried a few things including selling payphones (remember them!), before I secured a job at ISA which became VOW, I was there for 20 years, and I really enjoyed my time there.

Then, 15 years ago I had a conversation with Patrick Winterbotham, which led to me joining Data Direct and I haven’t looked back since.
PITR: What was your first job?
MC: Totally unrelated to what I now do. After leaving school I entered a YTS programme working in elderly care. It was really rewarding, and I did enjoy it, but I hurt my back and that meant I had to choose a new direction.
PITR: What has been the high point of the decade?
MC: This is a tough question, I’d have to say joining Data Direct was my high point, although it’s not strictly speaking within the past decade. So, my answer is two-fold – building the best team, I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true, we really do have the best team and our successes point to that.
We are a relatively small privately-owned company, and I am hugely proud of what we have achieved. We doubled turnover from £7m to £14 within one year and in three years grew massively to record £25m turnover, that, combined with winning PrintIT Awards the past few years are undoubtedly among the high points.
PITR: And the low point?
MC: I honestly can’t think of one. I know for many businesses, COVID was a low point but for us, we didn’t just hunker down and ride it out, we made the decision instead to think outside of
the box. So, we thought long and hard about how we could help our dealers sell, especially as print volumes had just stopped overnight.
We expanded our offering, entered new sectors and got on the phone to our dealers to see how we could help. As a team going back to basics really worked and we came back stronger from it, the business is now back to pre-pandemic levels and we’re continuing to grow.

PITR: What (or who) has had the greatest impact in the sector in the last 10 years?                  MC: That’s an easy one. For me, it has to be our Managing Director Patrick Winterbotham, and not just over the past ten years. He is really hands-on in the business and has a knack of coming up with some really great ideas, that we can then take on as a team and deliver on. We wouldn’t be where we are today without him.
PITR: If you could change one thing about the last decade, what would it be?                            MC: The only thing I would change is the ability to have more time, in the day, week or year.
PITR: What has been your proudest moment of the past 10 years?
MC: Winning the EOS Distributor of the Year at the PrintIT Awards for three years in a row! Sitting in the room alongside some of the biggest names in the industry and hearing our name called out was amazing.
PITR: Sum up the decade in three words.                                                                                              MC: Resilience. Teamwork. Growth.


IFS appoints new MD

Stephanie Poore has been appointed as the new UK&I Managing Director for cloud enterprise software company IFS. She takes over from Alan Laing, who has been appointed Chief Customer Strategist of Southwest Europe and Latin America and Chairman of UK&I to focus on driving the company’s regional customer success moving forward.
Poore, who moves from the role of Sales Director UK&I is set to steer IFS UK and Ireland towards continued growth, with a focus on customer-centric strategies and revenue generation.
These appointments reflect IFS’s strategic focus and consistent performance to date as it looks to cement its position as a leader in ERP, EAM, FSM, and ESM across its key markets.


I couldn’t do my job without…

Emily Thompson, Senior Marketing Executive at Sharp UK, picks the tools she uses every day and couldn’t do her job without

 1.  Adobe Creative Cloud
Design and content creation is a big part of my role which means so too are tools like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Whether it’s a small design tweak, creating a web banner, resizing an image or a complete document redesign, these tools are open on my laptop most days. The beauty of them is there are so many possibilities and shortcuts to achieve the same outcome, which means I still learn something new every time. They are great tools to have on hand to support both online and offline marketing design activity.
2.  Marketing automation
To me, marketing automation platforms, whichever one you have, are a marketer’s best friend. They are an example of one of the many cloud based software solutions that changed the marketing game. Typically, these platforms cover digital content creation across email, landing page, forms, and automated nurture streams in addition to providing analytics and reporting to review activity performance. Without a doubt a day doesn’t go by where I don’t or won’t use it in my role. Which means I can say in firm confidence I couldn’t do my job without it.

3.  Continuous improvement
I’m a big believer in continuous improvement, yes, I still strive for perfection, but in all honesty does it exist? That’s why I don’t think I could do my job without the principle of continuous improvement. Whether that’s refining or learning a skill, solving an uncovered problem or streamlining a process. I think there is always something I can learn. To me this kind of outlook brings variation, growth and the ability to improve in my role.
4.  Great leaders
I am lucky to have had supportive and talented managers in my marketing roles past and present. They’ve given me opportunities to learn new skills, take ownership of projects and passed on a wealth of knowledge. I don’t think I would have all the marketing skills I have to do my role today if I hadn’t had exceptional leaders to learn from.
5.  Data and insights
Sometimes data can be scary, but I honestly think it opens doors, particularly from a marketer’s perspective. Data empowers effective and strategic activity. I can learn from what went well and didn’t, to come back stronger. Data should be harnessed to guide actions and steer the strategy ship, getting us to our ideal destination, whatever that may be. Therefore, I couldn’t do my job without data and insights.

6.  A to-do list
Be it written or digital, I always like a to-do list to stay on track with tasks and projects. I have used many different platforms across my roles such as Monday, Airtable and Asana. These digital project management tools are a great way to collaborate with colleagues, assign and complete tasks. They are intuitive and allow you to provide updates, create subtasks and attach documents. However, I do also like to write myself a written to-do list on a day-to-day basis to ensure I manage my time effectively and prioritise
tasks appropriately.



Toshiba Tec Launch new: e-STUDIO2520AC series 

Toshiba recently launched a new entry level colour MFPs offering premium levels of performance, designed for small to mid-sized workgroups.
The e-STUDIO line up of multi-functional printers (MFPs) is now complete with the release of the A3 colour e-STUDIO2520AC series.
These feature rich systems provide enhanced levels of reliability, productivity and enhanced security and device management, perfectly suited for operation in cloud-based and distributed working environments.
The new e-STUDIO2520AC series consists of the following models:
• e-STUDIO2021AC – 20 ppm A3 colour MFP
• e-STUDIO2521AC – 25 ppm A3 colour MFP
Main Updates
These latest devices come with a host of options and features based on their predecessor models, including:
• 128 GB secure SSD that can be optionally increased up to maximum 512 GB & 4 GB RAM as standard for improved processing power
• Enhanced security features for data and hardware protection: o Hard Copy Device – Protection Profile (HCD-PP) – Common Criteria certification
o Trusted Platform Module (TPM) v2.0 data encryption
o Anti-Malware protection
o Cloud secure end-to-end data encryption
• Cloud-based device management and support
• Embedded OCR for creating text searchable documents.
• Optional 50 sheet multi-position stapling Inner Finisher (Saddle Stitch Finisher no longer available)
• Support for cloud and mobile solutions.
• Large 10.1” touch screen user interface for an easy-to-use tablet style user experience
• Long life developer with a yield of 252,000 pages (Based on 5% page coverage)
Each of the new models are available to order now.
Need more information?
Resources: Sales and marketing materials can be found on MFT/PartnerNet
Find out more: If you require any additional information, please contact the marketing team, or your dedicated Toshiba contact.


Cellhire hires ex-Vodafone IoT leader

Cellhire, an international connectivity expert specialising in mobile communications and M2M/IoT services has named ex-Vodafone IoT leader Tony Guerion as its new CEO.
Guerion brings over 27 years of experience in business leadership and management in the communications industry. He said: “It’s a great privilege to join Cellhire during this exciting phase of the company’s expansion. Cellhire has developed a powerful IoT proposition, powered by its MVNO on Orange France, and I look forward to building on the great success the business has already achieved in its global growth.”


New faces at Cohesity

Olivier Savornin has been appointed Cohesity’s Group Vice President of Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa. In his new role, Savornin will lead the company’s sales and customer engagement efforts in the EMEA region, with a focus on driving the adoption of its AI-powered modern data security and management solutions.
Fraser Hutchison has been named Area Vice President (AVP) of Sales for UK, Benelux, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and Finland (Northern EMEA). Hutchison, who has 22 years of experience in information technology and leadership will lead Cohesity’s sales and customer engagement efforts in EMEA.
Commenting on his new role Hutchison said: “I want to establish Northern Europe as a strong and growing region in EMEA. To achieve this, I want to build a strong team that clearly focuses on enterprise customers. Cohesity has a fantastic AI-driven solution package that will allow these companies to strengthen their security posture and to reduce their costs at the same time.”


Zoe Pullen joins Lease Group

Zoe Pullen, previously Head of Enterprise for Samsung and Vodafone, will head up
Lease Group’s corporate division to offer hands-on support and expertise for resellers, manufacturers and networks when packaging finance as part of their total value proposition.
She said: “I jumped at the opportunity to join Lease Group, a leading player in technology finance with a well-established partner programme. I look forward to working with key players in the IT, telecoms and energy sectors and supporting them with cutting-edge leasing solutions that ease the financial pressures of deploying the latest tech on a corporate scale.”
Pullen will focus on supporting corporate deals through Lease Group’s partner channel, calling upon the financier’s range of leasing solutions that enable sales whilst protecting the VAR’s cash position.