Rise in security awareness fuelling growth in sales of higher speed services says DMSL

By Simon Meredith | 22nd May 2019
  • Need to keep systems up to date and ensure connections to the web and between locations is increasing interest in higher-speed services
  • Diverse routing is becoming essential as businesses become more dependent on their connectivity

Bishop’s Stortford, 22 May 2019 – DMSL, the specialist distributor of broadband and hosted voice services, says that growing awareness amongst businesses of the need to always keep digital security protection up to date, and to ensure that they can always stay connected, are becoming key drivers for growing sales of Ethernet leased lines and higher speed services with built-in redundancy.

More businesses are signing-up for fast connections to ensure that their security systems, as well as all other connection-dependent apps and services, always have the bandwidth they need and can be kept right up to date. They are also adopting alternative and diverse routing to ensure that they are not dependent on a single cable or pathway to keep them connected.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, said: “In just about every business now, there is a critical and joint dependency on digital systems and connectivity. The reliance on the former makes keeping security services right up-to-date absolutely vital and to make sure that’s always the case, fast reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity is essential. This is fuelling sales of Ethernet leased lines and other high-speed services. We are also seeing businesses being more wary of their dependency on a single connection to the network and taking alternative and diverse routing options to ensure key services can still be accessed in the event of a connection failure.”

Alternative routing provides two different cables from the local exchange or point or presence (POP) to a customer site, safeguarding against a cable failure. Diverse routing provides an additional connection to a separate exchange or POP, so that even in the event of the primary POP going down, connectivity can be maintained.

BT now has over 100 POPs all over the UK, making diverse routing both practical and affordable for most businesses. As a Premier Partner of BT, DMSL can provide information and support to Authorised Suppliers of BT on all the company’s Ethernet leased line and diverse and alternative routing services and options. It can also provide them with access to BT discounts and promotions, demonstration and evaluation equipment, trials and pilots for new products, partner training and dedicated support from BT.

Picture: John Carter, DMSL.

DMSL John Carter

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