DMSL makes wireless sales simpler with Smarter WiFi partnership

By Simon Meredith | 20th August 2019
  • Simple solution is ideal for small businesses that want to offer guest WiFi
  • Easy to set-up and enables them to build a compliant marketing database  

Bishops Stortford, 20 August 2019 – DMSL, the specialist distributor of broadband and voice services, has teamed up with Smarter WiFi, the specialist wireless solutions provider, to offer resellers a simple guest WiFi package for smaller business customers.

The Smarter WiFi package provides the end-user customer with everything they need to provide WiFi for visitors. It includes a Mini Smart router, which the host business simply attaches to their existing broadband router. The guest WiFi network can be given with a name that will be instantly recognisable to guests, who, after providing some basic details can get online without having to provide a username or password.

The package also provides a branded landing / log-in screen, which is designed to work on mobiles as well as tablets and laptops and can be customised with the host’s logo, choice of background, and additional messages, text and images.

It also captures essential information, such as the visitor’s name and email, which can subsequently be used for marketing purposes. Guests can also log on with their social media profile, making it really easy for anyone to connect to the WiFi and for their information to be captured.

The page includes a notification informing users that they are agreeing to sign-up to an email list, ensuring compliance with GDPR.  It thus offers the dual benefit of easy connection for guests and a way for the business to build a verifiable and compliant marketing database.  Once logged-on the customer can be redirected to the host’s website.

It’s an ideal offer for resellers to take to SMB customers, says John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL. “The Smarter WiFi package is exactly what smaller businesses that have a stream of guest moving through all the time need. For dentists, physiotherapists, hairdressers and barbers, nail bars, tattoo artists, small gyms and many other businesses, it’s ideal as it gives people quick and easy access and also captures their details, so the business can build a proper marketing database, which they’d otherwise find it difficult to compile. It’s an ingenious solution that benefits everyone.”

Resellers benefit from getting an immediate commission payment on the sale and regular monthly subscription. Packages start from £25 per month.

The Smarter WiFi solution will also present resellers with a good way to promote broadband upgrades to their SMB customers. With BT G-Fast and FTTC services now available in most urban areas and fibre being rolled out all over the UK, there are good opportunities to move customers up to the next level of connection.

“BT Superfast and Ultrafast services are now available in most towns and cities and businesses that are going to offer guest WiFi need to make sure they have adequate bandwidth to give all their customers a good, fast and reliable connection. DMSL can help resellers identify which services are available to any of their customers – and manage the upgrade process. We make it simple for them to help their SMB customers.”

Other features of the Smarter WiFi solution include simple integration with MailChimp, making it easy for host businesses to convert data gathered from WiFi guests into a mailing list that they can use immediately. There is a built-in email and SMS distribution platform and the host can also post adverts through their WiFi connection.

Data and time limits can be set for users and the package also comes with in-depth analytics and reporting, so companies can examine activity patterns and tailor their marketing activity accordingly. Integration with TripAdvisor makes it is easy for WiFi users to post a review and simple surveys can also be taken through the guest WiFi, allowing the host business to collect customer feedback.

Picture: John Carter, DMSL.

DMSL John Carter

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