Entanet launches game-changing flexible Ethernet to accelerate the channel’s full fibre opportunities

By Simon Meredith | 4th July 2019

Entanet has launched a new service to revolutionise the channel’s full fibre gigabit-capable Ethernet proposition to businesses – available for just £199* per month until 30 September

Telford, 04 July 2019 – Entanet, a CityFibre company and leading wholesale provider of full fibre connectivity, is enabling the channel to serve business customers with low cost full fibre Ethernet that meets their need for exceptionally fast connectivity, while accommodating occasional need for more bandwidth at no extra cost.

The wholesaler has launched Ethernet Flex 1Gbps across the UK on its CityFibre full fibre infrastructure. With a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps both up and down and the provision to burst up to 1Gbps, it serves businesses’ need for a consistently reliable and fast connection for day-to-day operations but critically the ability to complete bandwidth-intensive tasks without incurring additional charges or having to pre-arrange more bandwidth availability.

Paul North, Entanet’s Head of Sales, stated: “For some time we’ve heard about software defined networks which allow businesses to adjust their bandwidth up and down and pay for what they use. With this service, we’re removing the need for them to even think about requesting bandwidth changes through a portal or incurring additional charges. Our partners can give them a dedicated 1Gbps bearer at an incredible fixed price no matter how much they use it.”

“We believe this is a game changer for the industry and at £199* per month enables partners to give fantastic value to their customers. Most SMEs want a fast and reliable connection that allows them to carry out their daily activities and our new service gives them the flexibility they need in an increasingly digital economy that relies on cloud computing and remote solutions. Ethernet Flex 1Gbps is also underpinned by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA), rapid return to service guarantee and 24/7 UK support from our technical specialists to give businesses solid confidence in their connection.”

Entanet’s new service is also aligned with the national Gigabit Voucher Scheme, which offers further savings of up to £2500 off the total cost of ownership of new gigabit-capable connections for SMEs.

More information about Entanet’s Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service and the Gigabit Voucher Scheme is available by contacting 0330 100 3550 or emailing sales@enta.net.

*Price presented is the cost to channel partners excluding VAT

Picture: Paul North, Entanet.

Entanet Paul North

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