Entanet enables resellers to stand out with its all-new hosted voice offering

By Simon Meredith | 8th March 2018

Telford, 08 March – Entanet, the leading channel-focused wholesale connectivity provider, is encouraging resellers to stand out from the growing ‘me-too’ hosted voice crowd by differentiating themselves with its all-new hosted voice service, which is now available to order via its partner portal.

The brand new service has been developed by Entanet’s experienced software development team using the FreeSwitch and OpenSIPS platforms and provides resellers a feature-rich and flexible hosted voice solution that can help to provide critical differentiation within the heavily Broadsoft based VoIP SME market, all at a strongly competitive price.

Commenting on the new service, Entanet’s Head of Products, Paul Heritage-Redpath said: “When we originally set out our proposition for an all-new hosted voice service we wanted to create a solution that was easy to sell and easy to use. From the very start of the development process we involved several of our channel partners and their feedback was invaluable. They told us they needed a resilient, reliable hosted service that will help them differentiate themselves, is competitively priced and provides healthy margins, is hassle-free in terms of ordering, management and billing and that is delivered via a robust and proven platform and network with solid support. That’s what we’ve achieved with our new hosted voice service.”

Entanet’s new service is available on a 30-day contract providing complete flexibility, with competitive pricing and no upfront CAPEX requirements. Heritage-Redpath added: “As our new hosted voice service has been developed completely by our own experienced software development team, we’re able to respond and adapt quickly to changing market demands. This and our aggressive pricing strategy makes for a compelling proposition for resellers wanting to differentiate themselves. They’ve been telling us they’re finding it increasingly difficult to stand out with existing offerings from other providers and they welcome the opportunity to promote a worthy alternative.”

Further advantages for resellers include the ability to order and manage the entire service via Entanet’s synergi portal, for hassle-free account management 24/7 and the introduction of a brand new billing platform for pain-free billing. The service is also completely white-labelled and all hosted voice traffic is prioritised across Entanet’s robust and proven network 24/7/365.

For more information about Entanet’s new hosted voice service call 0330 100 3550 or email sales@enta.net. Alternatively, visit www.enta.net/VoIP/.

Picture: Paul Heritage-Redpath, Entanet.

Enta Paul Heritage Redpath


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