Entanet launches proactive ISDN replacement service to help partners get ahead of the game

By Simon Meredith | 25th April 2018

Telford, 25 April, 2018 – Entanet, the channel’s leading wholesale provider, is once again helping its partners get an early mover advantage by launching a highly competitive ISDN replacement service ahead of the 2025 ISDN withdrawal deadline.

The new product combines Entanet’s all-new Hosted Voice and SIP service with its popular 500Mbps GPON connectivity, to provide a cost-effective, scalable and fully-hosted telephony system. Where a customer seeks to retain an on-premise PBX, the service provides 30 free SIP channels; alternatively, for customers requiring complete disaster recovery through a fully hosted solution, it includes 20 free hosted voice seats.

“Three years ago, BT announced its intention to stop making ISDN services available by 2020 and to withdraw the service by 2025,” said Entanet’s Head of Products, Paul Heritage-Redpath. “This will force any organisations that are still using the service to migrate to an alternative connection that can support both high-speed data transmission and voice calls. Resellers who take a viable proposition to current ISDN users early will gain a competitive advantage.

“The ISDN withdrawal represents a huge opportunity for forward-thinking channel partners to educate their customers on the benefits of SIP and hosted voice and get ahead of the competition. It also provides end user organisations with the perfect opportunity to upgrade their business-critical telephony systems. By providing the service over GPON, customers will have huge capacity for data as well as voice calls, with complete peace of mind in the reliability of their service and the ability to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.”

This latest product announcement comes only a few weeks after the launch of Entanet’s Hosted Voice service, which went live in March and has been positively welcomed by partners.

According to Ofcom Market Intelligence, there are currently 2.1 million ISDN 30 Channels, 0.87 million ISDN 2 Business Channels.

To find out more about the new services contact the Entanet sales team on 0330 100 3550, email sales@enta.net or visit www.enta.net.

Picture: Paul Heritage-Redpath, Entanet.

Enta Paul Heritage Redpath

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