Synaxon brings fast-selling Autotask Endpoint Backup to the UK market

By Simon Meredith | 5th June 2017
  • Autotask Endpoint Backup will be available soon through the new provisioning portal on the EGIS channel information and procurement platform.
  • Automated cloud file backup system will help members address growing threat of ransomware to SMBs

Warrington, 5 June 2017 – Synaxon UK, the leading channel services group, has signed a members’ exclusive distributor agreement for Autotask Endpoint Backup (AEB) providing members with a simple and cost-effective way to provide file backup with unlimited storage to customers and thus safeguard against the threat of ransomware and other malware attacks.

AEB is designed specifically for resellers, and fully integrates with Autotask’s professional services automation and remote monitoring and management software. It includes full provisioning, reporting, and monitoring capabilities, and in doing so, paves the way to generate recurring revenue from sales of managed services. Synaxon has partnered with Autotask to provide all provisioning and delivery of AEB via EGIS, its online information and procurement platform.

AEB gives businesses full control and continuity with very easy management. This makes it easy and cost-effective to deploy and use. As the process is automated, it also provides much better protection than the manual backups. AEB allows the end-client to access and restore their data quickly, with up to six months roll back. This is the only true safeguard most small firms have against ransomware and other malicious threats.

As the recent crisis caused by the WannaCry attack illustrated, ransomware is a growing problem for all organisations, said Derek Jones, Managing Director of Synaxon UK. “Ransomware can’t be ignored by any business, no matter how small. It was already a massive problem and recent events have put it well and truly into the spotlight. We were already planning to bring AEB to the UK market and it’s now even more pertinent and even more of an opportunity for our members. We now have a superb and very well-established partnership with Autotask, so we know we’ll get great, local support. And we believe there is tremendous potential for AEB in the UK market.”

The solution is already a major success is the US market, where it was launched in autumn 2016 and has already established itself as a leading player in cloud file backup. AEB provides continuous backup without requiring users to save files to a network drive. In doing so, it makes life easier for users and massively reduces the vulnerability of end points to ransomware.

Autotask CEO Mark Cattini, said: “We are excited to partner with Synaxon to deliver this critical and timely business continuity solution. Together, we will proactively address the current epidemic of cyber threats, by enabling Synaxon partners to secure their customer’s data profitably with Autotask Endpoint Backup.”

Mark Cattini will speak at the forthcoming Synaxon UK National Conference next month, for which Autotask is one of the main sponsors. The event takes place on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th June 2017 at the Park Inn Radisson at Heathrow.

Resellers can find out more about EGIS and Synaxon members can log onto the system at

Picture: Derek Jones, Synaxon.

Synaxon Derek Jones

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