SYNAXON strengthens UK customer support team

By Simon Meredith | 5th October 2023

Merle Althaus will provide partners with access to all the group’s services and act as a key link between the UK team and SYNAXON’s extended resources and capabilities

Warrington, 05 October 2023 – SYNAXON has made a further addition to its team supporting UK partners with the appointment of Merle Althaus as Customer Sales Advisor. She joins SYNAXON having previously worked in the logistics sector, bringing plenty of relevant experience to her new role.

Although she is based in Germany, Merle is working full time to support the growing number of UK partners that are making use of SYNAXON’s services to drive increased business efficiency and customer satisfaction. As well as providing partners with access to all of SYNAXON’s services – including SYNAXON Hub, SYNAXON Managed Services, and the EGIS e-commerce portal – Merle will also make use of her multilingual skills, acting as a key link between the UK and SYNAXON’s extended team in Germany.

Commenting on her appointment, Miguel Rodriguez, Managing Director, SYNAXON Hub, said: “Merle is a fantastic addition to what is already a great team and one that makes a real difference for our partners every single day. With her experience in logistics and her language skills, she provides an invaluable link between our UK team and our operations in Germany. That will enable us to make even better use of SYNAXON’s extended resources and deliver even better service and support to our partners.”

While SYNAXON has 12 full-time team members based in the UK, there are more than 300 in Germany covering a wide range of capabilities, from accredited specialists in specific vendor technologies through to expert business consultants and project managers – and the resources these teams provide are accessible to UK partners.

“We have tremendously broad capabilities and expertise within SYNAXON and, as many of our partners have already discovered, we can make all those skills and support available to them here in the UK”, said Mike Barron, Managing Director, SYNAXON UK.

“That’s a powerful asset and differentiator for any partner that needs to demonstrate their ability to deliver on a project or technical level or needs additional capacity to take on a good opportunity.”

As well as its suite of pre-defined managed services and hardware-as-a-service, SYNAXON offers a full Project Support service in the UK, providing partners with a convenient and easy way to deliver complex infrastructure solutions without having to make additional investments in highly-skilled technical personnel.

Picture: Merle Althaus, SYNAXON.

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