SYNAXON UK provides added value for MSPs

By Simon Meredith | 23rd July 2020
  • New framework for popular SynMSP membership
  • Provides additional and immediate value for new joiners
  • Discounted fees available for first year
  • New members will be able to attend National Conference and MSP Festival*

WARRINGTON, 23 July 2020 – SYNAXON UK, the leading channel services group has launched an updated framework for its SynMSP membership with the aim of encouraging more managed services providers to join its ranks.

The revamped value proposition will give new members access to an extended series of community events, tools, and learning resources, which they can use to develop their competence and capabilities. As a SynMSP member, they will also have direct access to vendor programmes and compelling benefits and opportunities to create new revenue streams, including highly-competitive pricing and purchasing support through SYNAXON UK.

Members will be able exchange knowledge and benefit from the advice of peers and industry experts through a series of webinars and workshops. They will also receive full and active account management and support from SYNAXON UK.

To assist them in developing operational maturity, the SYNAXON UK team will work with members to understand their challenges and adapt solutions and services to meet their needs. This is an important element of the existing SynMSP ecosystem and has already led to some fine tuning of vendor programmes.

In addition, for the first 12 months, new SynMSP members will pay only 50 percent of the usual monthly fee of £149 – a saving of £900 over the year.

SYNAXON UK is keen for businesses that have already developed a strong presence in their chosen field and MSPs that are just starting out on their journey, said Managing Director of SYNAXON UK, Mike Barron.

“The SynMSP programme is all about shaping and nurturing a collaborative community of engaged MSPs who will work together to develop themselves and advance their businesses. It is designed to for every MSP, whatever stage of development they have reached. The success of SynMSP to date demonstrates that there is tremendous value to be gained by bringing committed business leaders together to share best practices and new ideas and learn from each other.

“The new framework will deliver even more value to members. We have an exciting programme of events planned for the year ahead, starting with our National Member Conference and MSP Festival in September* and continuing with a whole series of exclusive SynMSP meetings, workshops, and webinars. With the first 12 months available at the 50 percent discount, it adds up to a compelling proposition that gives both established and fledgling MSPs tremendous value from day one.”

The original SynMSP programme was launched at the start of last year and currently has 80 members. Existing members will also have access to the benefits being offered through the new framework. Members are able to steer the direction and approach of the programme through the SynMSP Advisory Board, which is comprised of six senior members of the group, who meet on a regular basis (all meetings are at present, conducted virtually). All SynMSP members have the opportunity to participate in a six-monthly meeting of the whole group. There are also quarterly specialist events that focus on a particular area of business or opportunity, such as cybersecurity, cloud, business continuity and relationship building. Vendor involvement is strictly limited to ensure ample opportunities for members to discuss and debate current topics.

SynMSP members also have access to a customisable quarterly marketing campaigns, designed for lead generation and brand promotion. Closed chat groups provide them with a means to exchange information, recommendations, business opportunities, advice, guidance, and experiences.

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*This will be a one-day, live virtual event – full details to be announced soon

Picture: Mike Barron, SYNAXON UK.

SYNAXON UK Mike Barron

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