SYNAXON UK Teemex Cloud ERP integration press release May 2022 v2

By Simon Meredith | 3rd May 2022

Full integration of the Teemex Cloud ERP solution with SYNAXON EGIS gives partners the ability to manage all their operations in one place in a consistent, efficient and automated way

Warrington, 03 May 2022 – SYNAXON UK is offering SMB partners in the IT and office products channels the opportunity to streamline their day to day business operations and gain all the advantages that larger competitors already enjoy from end-to-end ERP systems.

The channel services organisation has worked with Teemex, a UK-based specialist in business automation, to integrate its Teemex Cloud ERP solution with the SYNAXON EGIS stock, pricing and ordering aggregation platform. The solution is now available for MSP, reseller and retailer partners to deploy, providing them with a simple, effective and affordable way to automate and streamline their every-day business processes.

Fully cloud-based, Teemex Cloud ERP is a completely ‘off-the-shelf’, end-to-end solution specifically designed for use in the hi-tech distribution and retail sector. It’s ideal for SYNAXON UK members, said Mike Barron, Managing Director, SYNAXON UK.

“We are genuinely excited about this partnership and the benefits it will bring to our MSP, reseller, and retailer partners in both the IT and office products sectors. Teemex is perfect for small and medium businesses and webstores that need to be agile and efficient, deliver great customer experience and keep their costs down. It brings all day-to-day operations together in one place under a single dashboard view, and it can be used remotely on any device from anywhere. It’s a perfect fit for MSPs and hybrid working and will put smaller partners on a level playing-field with their bigger competitors.”

Rajindra Ranaweera, Director, Teemex, added: “Teemex Cloud ERP has been specifically designed for the kinds of business that SYNAXON UK supports, and we see this as a perfect alliance. Our solution enables small and medium-sized channel businesses to transform their every-day operations, deliver higher levels of service and reduce their costs. SYNAXON UK has established and trusted relationships in the channel community. By working together, we can really help MSPs, resellers and retailers to streamline their operations and gain real competitive advantage.”

Full EDI integration with SYNAXON EGIS means that data can be moved across the platforms easily, allowing partners to take advantage of the full capabilities of both services. With access to stock, availability and pricing data from more than 40 leading distributors in the UK, EGIS already gives partners a competitive advantage – one that can now be significantly enhanced with the addition of Teemex.

Teemex Cloud ERP is a fully-managed solution, built on Oracle technology and hosted on AWS. It can be accessed and controlled from anywhere and on any device. ​Updates and software management are looked after by Teemex, leaving partners to focus 100 percent on their business. It covers all business functions, including customer portal, CRM, sales, warehousing, purchasing, inventory, finance, delivery, web shop and integration with Microsoft Outlook 365.

Fixed cost monthly fees, with no hidden charges make Teemex a highly affordable choice for SMBs.

Picture: Mike Barron, SYNAXON UK.

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