TD SYNNEX brings WaitTime AI-driven crowd intelligence and management to UK market

By Simon Meredith | 25th October 2023

Can be deployed in multiple scenarios – already in use at the NEC and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium

Basingstoke, 25 October 2023 – TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) is bringing WaitTime, a leading AI-driven crowd intelligence and management solution to the UK market. The technology is already used by a number of renowned venues, such as the NEC and Manchester City, to collect real-time data for the effective management and analysis of crowds in large spaces.

WaitTime measures exceptionally high volumes of people with a high degree of accuracy, helping venues to alleviate crowd congestion and enhance safety and efficiency. As well as high-profile UK sites, it is also widely used in stadia and shopping and conference centres across the globe, in addition to airports and transport hubs, retail complexes, amusement parks and concert venues.

In addition to the software, smart IP cameras and reliable networking technology is needed to support the solution, so it presents a good opportunity for partners, said Elliet Hall-Jones, senior business manager, IoT and analytics, UK, at TD SYNNEX.

“WaitTime is really innovative and effective way to make use of AI and edge devices. It’s an excellent addition to our growing ecosystem. We are always on the lookout for great ideas that deliver genuine value and result in better outcomes for customers. WaitTime fits that definition perfectly and we’ll be looking to engage with partners who are already active in relevant market sectors. Hopefully, those partners will then become part of our ecosystem and add even more value to our communities.”

TD SYNNEX runs a number of industry ecosystems that bring ISVs, innovators and developers together with partners that have access to markets. There are TD SYNNEX ecosystems for retail and distribution, for manufacturing, and for healthcare.

Built using patented AI, WaitTime provides real-time data and historical analytics on crowd behaviour and provides users with live information on wait times, crowd movement, density and occupancy. It can also be used to provide guests with information they need to navigate their way around a site.

Picture: Elliet Hall-Jones, TD SYNNEX.



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