TD SYNNEX donates furniture with fair market value of almost £160K to charity

By Simon Meredith | 21st February 2023

Basingstoke office move sees desks, chairs and other items donated with 135,205 kilograms of carbon savings made through 100 percent re-use

Basingstoke, 21 February 2023 –TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) has announced that following the recent re-location of its Basingstoke office, furniture with a fair market value of £158,828 has been donated – via redistribution specialist charity, the Waste to Wonder Trust – to UK charities and schools in Senegal and Cameroon.

The cycling back of desks, chairs and other items has resulted in 135,205 kilograms of carbon savings. With 100 percent of all materials being re-used, none of the furniture or equipment that TD SYNNEX has recycled will go to landfill.

The donation was made as part TD SYNNEX’s recent re-location of its Basingstoke offices to a more energy-efficient building last month. At the same time, TD SYNNEX took the opportunity to purchase new sustainable office furniture, including new office chairs made from recycled fishing nets.

Kevin Wragg, director of environment and quality compliance at TD SYNNEX, UK, said: “Just as we did when refurbishing the Bracknell site, when we moved the Basingstoke office, we wanted to make sure we stood by our commitment to sustainability and reduce, re-use and recycle any unwanted furniture and equipment. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to do so much and send everything – through Waste to Wonder – to places where we are certain they will be put to good use.”

When TD SYNNEX revamped its Bracknell office in November last year, it donated furniture with a fair market value of more than £25,000, to Waste to Wonder, which sent it on to a charity in Ghana.

The new 815,000 square-foot Basingstoke office into which TD SYNNEX has moved is in the Maplewood building on Chineham Park. It is fitted-out to the SKA Gold environmental standard, has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of ‘B’, and a BREEAM score of ‘Very good’. The car park has 24 e-charging points for electric vehicles. LED lighting reduces energy consumption, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning is shared with other tenants. The building also has over 500 solar panels on the roof.

The office space has been carefully designed to provide an optimum environment for working and collaboration space. It has a multi-faith prayer room and a mother’s room. Around 450 TD SYNNEX colleagues, from the UK sales, marketing, operations, IT, HR and a number of other teams are now based in the building.

The Waste to Wonder Trust seeks out and refurbishes IT and good quality office equipment and works with other charities to support children in the UK and 19 other countries. The figures provided by Waste to Wonder on the TD SYNNEX project are based on a carbon measurement matrix that has been derived from the Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA), the most complete, internationally scoped and only peer-reviewed carbon and environmental impact dataset in the world.

Picture: Kevin Wragg, TD SYNNEX.

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