Tech Data works with Google to launch Android Zero-touch Enrollment Service

By Simon Meredith | 10th August 2018
  • Secure solution enables fast, safe and secure bulk deployments of corporate-owned mobile devices
  • Empowers resellers and challenger brands to offer credible enterprise-grade Android solution

Basingstoke, 10 August 2018 Tech Data (Nasdaq: TECD) has announced the launch of Android zero-touch enrollment, giving resellers the opportunity to offer swift and simple, large-scale deployments of Android mobile devices.

Zero-touch enrollment enables fast, safe and secure deployment of corporate-owned devices in bulk. It supports multiple Android brands and means that there is no longer a need to manually set up each individual device. Management, apps and configurations come pre-installed on devices and resellers or customers can select their preferred option to set policies and manage apps.

Erebouni Torosyan, Google Hardware Vendor Manager at Tech Data UK, said: “The availability of Android zero-touch enrollment really strengthens our ties with Google, whilst providing our Android challenger brands and resellers with a credible and secure enterprise-grade solution. With data protection and data security becoming ever more important, this service will allow resellers to meet the needs of larger customers by offering safe, quick and easy bulk provisioning of company-owned Android devices through our proprietary platform.”

With Zero-touch enrollment, the set-up of all enrolled devices will be carried out safely and securely with the selected mobile device management application. This will result in easy installation of new Android device and all the necessary security provisions, out of the box.

Picture: Erebouni Torosyan, Tech Data.

Tech Data Erebouni Torosyan

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