Tech Data launches managed security services offering for SMB partners

By Simon Meredith | 9th September 2021

Enables partners to offer comprehensive, reliable, pro-active, 24/7 managed security without making up-front investment

Basingstoke, 09 August 2021Tech Data, a TD SYNNEX company, has launched a security operations centre as a service (SOCaaS) offering that enables partners to offer managed security services to their customers without having to invest up-front or holding off until they have built their own capabilities.

The SOCaaS offering provides a flexible, efficient, and affordable foundation on which partners can build their managed security business. It can be white-labelled and presented as the partner’s own service offering and includes a comprehensive audit, preparation of an incident plan, 24/7 monitoring with response capabilities and regular reporting.

The rising number of high-profile cyberattacks is worrying for businesses of all sizes – and especially those that that have no IT or digital security expertise of their own. This is leading to increased interest in managed security services, but with expertise and experience in short supply, setting up and offering such a service is a challenge for IT and security resellers.

Alison Nixon, director, security, Advanced Solutions, Tech Data, UK & Ireland, said. “Customers of all sizes now need to shift to a viable and proactive threat detection posture in order to fully protect their systems against cyberattacks. SOCaaS has been highlighted as a huge opportunity by analysts, but many small and mid-market partners just don’t have the skill set, or the investment capability to build and offer a managed security service quickly enough to address the immediate opportunity.

“With our SOCaaS offering, they can offer a comprehensive and reliable service right away, without having to make the significant up-front investment, time and effort that would be required to establish their own SoC and managed service. It increases their ability to support their customers’ digital transformations and lowers risk for both the end customer and the partner. Crucially, it also means partners can extend and enhance the range of services and value they offer to their customers.”

Tech Data’s SOCaaS provides continuous monitoring of different aspects of the customer’s systems to detect anomalies and trigger an effective response. It detects and contains threats, minimising impacts on customers and providing fast restoration of systems following a security incident. It can be offered as an extension of a partner’s own services proposition, and policies, processes, and procedures can be tailored to customer’s specific operational and regulatory environment.

Partners that want build a long-term security business can make use of Tech Data’s Security Practice Builder to define their strategy, follow a tailored development pathway, and become a trusted advisor on security and data protection for their customers. They can then choose to develop their own offerings or make use of SOCaaS or any of the other as-a-service and managed security services that the Tech Data security practice plans to launch several over the coming months. These will address critical areas such as vulnerability management, edge protection, access and identity management, and penetration testing. They will enable partners to extend their security services offerings at a time when their customers are transforming and adapting to hybrid working and need to address the increased potential for exposure to cybersecurity threats.

Picture: Alison Nixon, Tech Data.

Alison Nixon Techdata

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