Tech Data brings SUBPAC immersive sound experience to the UK market

By Simon Meredith | 13th September 2017
  • Revolutionary wearable, physical audio technology allows users to immerse themselves and ‘feel’ sound as well as hear it
  • Can be used by professional musicians, video-makers, VR users and gamers, the deaf and hard of hearing

Basingstoke, 13 September  2017 – Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq: TECD) has signed a distribution agreement with SUBPAC, the maker of the revolutionary physical audio system that silently pulses sound through the body to add a whole new dimension to the experience of listening to music.

This revolutionary product comes in two form factors – a wearable backpack and a seatback unit that fits into any chair. While silent on the outside, the SUBPAC enables users to experience sound physically and to ‘feel’ as well as hear the music. Totally portable, rechargeable and plug-and-play, the SUBPAC is designed to work with all kinds of music, gear, games, film and other media.

Already used by thousands of music producers and sound designers as the new standard for monitoring and experiencing sound, SUBPAC has built a strong reputation in professional audio. Even so, Mike Cain, Business Development Manager at Tech Data for New Technologies, believes the potential is massive for new target markets.

“SUBPAC is a truly revolutionary technology. By transferring low frequencies directly to your body, it effectively allows you to ‘feel’ sound. This creates a truly amazing experience. It stands out as a pioneer in next-generation wearable technology and while it was created with audio professionals in mind, the concept translates perfectly to gaming and virtual reality, providing much more immersive experiences. It transcends the consumer mainstream and is also making a huge impact within the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. This is a great signing for Tech Data and important addition to our wearables portfolio and wider VR ecosystem. The potential is absolutely huge.”

Commenting on behalf of SUBPAC, co-founder Todd Chernecki, stated: “We are delighted to be working with Tech Data to extend the reach and market potential of SUBPAC in the UK. Tech Data will help us expand into the various professional, entertainment and consumer segments in which SUBPAC can enhance user experiences and have a positive and beneficial impact. Tech Data has the in-depth market intelligence and a keen appreciation of how needs differ across diverse customer groups that will maximise SUBPAC’s ability to reach its full potential.”

Cain said that retailers and resellers need only to look at the SUBPAC website to see the possibilities and potential. SUBPAC is already used by professional musicians and sound designers – on stage and in the recording studio – to enhance dance and streaming, for immersive film and VR, to help deaf children experience sound, and in many other scenarios.

Picture: Mike Cain, Tech Data.

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