The questions are coming – are you ready to answer?

By Simon Meredith | 4th March 2022

Almost as soon as I had posted a piece on why the channel media will have to start looking at the implications of the Ukraine crisis (see below), CRN UK ran an excellent article on how nine vendors have so-far responded to the invasion.

This will be a developing situation, of course, and the position of vendors is likely to change, so we should expect more reports. We can also quite quickly expect end-user customers and channel partners themselves to start asking questions about the involvement of Russian companies within the supply chain.

They may even start asking about materials and other elements used in the production process that were sourced in Russia – although there will be little or nothing that vendors or anyone else can do about product that has already been made or production that is already in progress.

And if customers and partners are asking questions, it won’t be long before the media starts asking them too. All channel businesses need to be ready to provide answers or at least give an indication of the position both they and their key suppliers are taking with respect to the crisis and the supply chain.

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