Why we need to keep media coverage in perspective – and be patient

By Simon Meredith | 25th April 2022

It’s easy to feel put out if the media ignore your story. Or if a website gets something wrong or apparently misrepresents your business in some way. But when this happens it’s not because they mean you or your business any harm – they will just be trying to do their job.

Thankfully, it does not happen that often. Sometimes, a word or two goes astray or they get a name wrong – and that’s easy enough to correct.

It is important to keep things in perspective with media coverage. Hopefully, most of the coverage you get will be positive or neutral over the months and years. If that’s the case, one story that might be seen as negative won’t ruin you – and there are much worse things happening in the world right now.

The important thing is to have built up a strong reputation. One that can withstand the occasional knock and will help you to ride out any difficult challenges you may come up against. And to keep communicating your underlying message, frequently and consistently.

Building a good reputation takes time. You need to be committed and not in any real hurry. It can take years of regular, consistent communicating and responding, taking your chances to help media when they come, and not being too pushy. You can’t expect to have it all right away and to sustain the same level of coverage at all times. You need to take it slow and steady, continually re-set and manage your expectations, and keep coming up with ideas and communicating relevant stories.

While you should not be shy about saying how great a job you are doing for your partners (as long as you are doing a great job), you also need to be humble, considerate, understanding, and most of all, patient.

If you’d like to talk to us about how to go about getting your profile up with channel media, we’ll be happy to talk to you – with absolutely no obligation. Just email simon@channelstar.co.uk.

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