DMSL re-appointed as Premier Partner of BT

By Simon Meredith | 15th May 2019
  • Specialist distributor will continue to focus on driving hosted VoIP sales to business throughout 2019 building on higher sales the first four months of the year
  • ISDN switch-off is providing added impetus
  • Addition of analytics capabilities to BT Business Voice is accelerating growth

Bishop’s Stortford, 15 May 2019 – DMSL, the specialist distributor of broadband and cloud telephony services, has been re-appointed as a Premier Partner of BT. The company plans to build on its continuing partnership to further extend sales of business voice solutions, which have seen significant growth to date in 2019.

The company is also highlighting the availability of analytics capabilities for the BT Cloud Voice service as a key development that is helping to accelerate the popularity of the service.

The reappointment confirms DMSL as one of only a handful of partners to hold BT’s highest-level accreditation. As a Premier Partner of BT, it will continue to ensure Authorised Suppliers of BT receive the very best service, support and experience in taking BT’s business products to market. Additionally, DMSL can offer access to BT discounts and promotions, demonstration and evaluation equipment, trials and pilots for new products, partner training and dedicated support from BT.

John Carter, Managing Director of DMSL, said: “As a Premier Partner of BT we can provide the trusted BT connectivity services that enable Authorised Suppliers of BT to meet the needs of their SMB customers. We have seen excellent sales of BT Business Voice services already this year, and we intend to continue and build on that success. The addition of analytics and reporting capabilities to the service has been significant and accelerated interest in the service even further.”

While greater awareness of then benefits VoIP delivers is the main reason for sales growth, the planned ISDN switch-off in 2025 is also having an impact, said Carter. “There are tens of thousands of ISDN lines out there and many of them are under-used or dormant. That presents a big opportunity for resellers to go into those customers and upgrade them to VoIP. That’s good, profitable business, since the reseller will earn income and recurring commission on every VoIP seat they sell.”

The availability of BT Cloud Voice Call Analytics is giving customers additional benefits when they switch to hosted VoIP, Carter added. “All businesses are looking to do more with their data now, and BT Voice Call Analytics gives customers excellent and clear information on call patterns, so they can make better and more efficient use of their resources and improve customer services.”

All these factors are combining to drive VoIP sales for BT partners. With most sales are being made to businesses with ten of more users, many partners are increasing their VoIP seat numbers – and monthly income – quite significantly. “Businesses with a dozen or more employees that need to make and take a lot of calls every day on landlines, are converting to VoIP in droves. In many cases these businesses had ISDN and are moving across now, well ahead of the 2025 deadline, to get the benefits of VoIP right away.”

BT Cloud Voice Call Analytics provides real-time and historic reporting and trend analysis on all call activity, including calls made, attempted, received and missed. Clear reporting and dashboards – available to view through a secure online portal – provide businesses with valuable insight that can help them to make better use of their resources and thus drive higher levels of efficiency and customer service.

Picture: John Carter, DMSL.

DMSL John Carter

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