TD SYNNEX achieves Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization across whole European footprint

By Simon Meredith | 7th August 2023
  • Enables distributor to support partners in obtaining Cisco sustainability accreditation in order to access exclusive programs and discounts for hardware recycling and refresh
  • Applicable to Cisco partners across all TD SYNNEX country operations in Europe

BARCELONA, Spain, August 7, 2023 – TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) today announced that it has achieved the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization for its business in Europe.

As a result, the distributor can now offer localised support for partners in all its European markets to help them obtain their own Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization. The accreditation helps partners to accelerate their sustainability and circular economy practices and gives access to the Cisco Takeback incentive, which enables free return of used hardware to be remanufactured, recycled or safely disposed of, and up to seven per cent discount for new products on qualifying deals. In addition, obtaining this specialisation helps partners advance toward Cisco Select Partner status.

Sam Paris, vice president, security and networking and Cisco lead for Europe at TD SYNNEX said: “We are delighted to have achieved the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization in all countries in our European footprint. It’s great news for partners everywhere who are looking to accelerate their sustainable IT practices and provides a transparent, ready-made and highly credible framework for technology recycling and circular economy initiatives.”

In order to obtain the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization, all TD SYNNEX ‘s country operations in Europe have passed two Cisco exams: 700-240 Sustainability Overview + 700-245 Sustainability Practice Building. The company’s country operations have also signed a Cisco pledge committing them to fulfil their sustainable IT commitments and have appointed Cisco sustainability ambassadors to support local execution. In addition, TD SYNNEX has invested in a dedicated regional lead to drive the sustainability strategy for its Cisco business. TD SYNNEX is currently rolling out a fast-track sustainability bootcamp for partners to accelerate the completion of the training elements of the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization.

“One of TD SYNNEX’s stated environmental goals is to embed circular economy principles into our product life-cycle management strategy and partner with stakeholders to minimise waste through repairs, refurbishment and recycling. It’s very exciting to bring this commitment to life by leveraging TD SYNNEX’s reach and capabilities with Cisco for the benefit of our partners in Europe,” added Paris.

TD SYNNEX partners can also benefit from from Cisco´s sustainable IT programs such as Refresh for remanufactured Cisco hardware and Green Pay, a circular IT payment solution for Cisco’s sustainable technology.

TD SYNNEX recently announced that it had achieved the Silver Medal from EcoVadis, a globally trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, following an assessment of the company’s environmental, social and ethical performance. This followed the publication earlier this year of TD SYNNEX’s Corporate Citizenship Report outlining the company’s progress on its strategic environmental, social and governance initiatives and describing the framework shared by TD SYNNEX when the company launched its corporate citizenship program in 2022. The company is helping partners to deepen their knowledge with online training certifications on sustainability and circular economy principles and has also developed sustainable device lifecycle and technology refresh service offerings for partners in Europe.

Partners looking to find out more about how to access the Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization should contact their local TD SYNNEX Cisco business contact.


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