Zyxel offers WiFi 7 for the price of WiFi 6

By Simon Meredith | 29th April 2024

Company demonstrates belief that its solutions are as good as any on the market and determination to deliver the best performance and value to SMB customers

Wokingham, 29 April 2024 – Zyxel Networks is offering customers WiFi 7 for the price of WiFi 6 with its newly-available WBE660S WiFi 7 access point, highlighting the excellent performance, quality and value of this latest addition to its range.

Offering speeds five times faster than that of the previous generation, alongside cloud management and wireless edge security, the WBE660S is ideal for SMBs that want to harness the performance and consistency of WiFi 7 without having to pay a premium.

It also provides MSPs and end-user customers access to the full benefits of Nebula, Zyxel’s cloud management platform, which provides simple remote management capabilities and built-in security, along with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to save time and maximise network performance and availability.

Rachel Rothwell, Senior Regional Director, UK and Ireland, Zyxel Networks, said: “We are making WiFi 7 available at the price of WiFi 6, not only to demonstrate our absolute commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers, but also because we are totally confident in the performance, consistency and quality of our WiFi 7 solutions. By investing in WiFi 7 today, SMBs can benefits from the highest speeds and reliable connectivity, and future-proof their networks for longer.”

Promoting WiFi 7 will also help Zyxel Networks partners, she added. “Our reseller and MSP partners do an incredible job supporting our customers and we want to ensure that they can compete for and win business. They know that Zyxel Networks WiFi 7 solutions are just as good in not better than those available from manufacturers that are perceived to be ‘premium’ brands. We design our products to meet the specific needs of our customers and right now, what they are asking for is the best possible technology at the best possible price, and that’s exactly what we are giving them.”

In addition, she noted, with Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management, the company’s WiFi 7 access points are really easy to administer. “The WBE660S comes with full Nebula support, so it can be set-up and managed remotely from day one, either by the customer’s own network administrator or one of our MSP partners. That gives customers great flexibility and choice, and enables them to benefit from the simple management, robust cybersecurity, and the AI and ML capabilities of Nebula.”

Nebula makes extensive use of of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to save time for MSPs and their customers, providing advanced performance tuning and fault detection and response capabilities that enhance efficiency and make it easier and faster to prevent and to identify and resolve technical issues.

Enterprise-grade features include WiFi Health, WiFi Aid and Connect & Protect Plus (CNP+). WiFi Health constantly monitors and auto-tunes WiFi connections to ensure optimum performance for all users. WiFi Aid examines the entire pathway of a connection across a network, making it easier for MSPs to identify and correct any issues or bottlenecks. CNP+ provides additional protection from malware, phishing and malicious sites, plus the ability for administrators to implement security policies directly through the AP.

Picture: Rachel Rothwell, Zyxel Networks.

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