Do you have good news that you can share?

By Simon Meredith | 7th September 2022

It was interesting to see CRN cover the possible impact that the change of Prime Minister might have on the tech industry earlier this week. It’s not covered that much but, obviously, events in the wider economic and political sphere do have an impact on our sector.

Currently, rising inflation and energy prices and the squeeze on household spending and on business costs that may result are a real worry. The new PM proclaimed that Britain can ‘weather the storm’ and I’m sure it can. But how long will the storm last and will every business be able to hold out?

While this particular storm rages, channel partners will need each other more than ever and end user customers will need their IT supplier partners even more. But with resources stretched, no-one can do it all. This is why sharing knowledge, sharing skills, people and resources – and helping to finance business activity are all becoming more important.

If you have any of these capabilities, it’s a good time to highlight them to channel media. This needs to be done with some sensitivity. It must not be seen as an attempt to profit from the difficulties that many businesses and people face. But if you do it in the right way, you can send out an optimistic and hopeful message and at the present time, a little bit of good news will be welcomed.

There may also be other positive messages you can share. Your business successes, what you are doing to help your customers and your own people, or that action you are taking on sustainability and DEI, for example. It does not have to be set in the context of potentially challenging economic conditions, but we should not ignore what’s happening in the wider world and how that impacts the industry either.

If you are unsure about what you might be able to say, or how to communicate your messages to IT trade media, feel free to get in touch. Just email

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