Entanet puts Gigabit connectivity within the reach of UK SMEs

By Simon Meredith | 15th April 2019
  • Offer provides 500Mbps speeds on Gigabit-ready connections for £225* per month
  • Designed to appeal to smaller businesses who need higher speed services now

Telford, 15 April 2019 – Entanet, a CityFibre company and leading wholesale provider of full fibre connectivity, is giving its reseller partners the opportunity to offer a Gigabit-ready Ethernet service to their SME customers, with a special promotion that enables them to purchase a 500Mbps connection for only £225 per month.

The offer is designed to give Entanet partners additional flexibility and provide growing smaller businesses access to the higher speeds and bandwidth they need. The service is available in cities and towns that Entanet provides access to its CityFibre full fibre infrastructure.

The solution on offer is a fully-symmetric Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) connection, capable of delivering up to 1Gbps speeds. Provisioned entirely by the company’s own teams, it enables Entanet partners to offer their customers fast, stable connectivity along with high service levels.

By providing 500Mbps in both directions at a cost of only £225*, Entanet is giving partners the ability to deliver the kind of competitive service offering that SMEs need, said Paul North, Head of Sales at the company.

“Many smaller businesses now need really fast and reliable connectivity to support critical business applications and services. But while they want the kinds of speeds and guaranteed bandwidth that a leased line can offer, many can’t afford to make that kind of commitment. By providing a 500Mbps GPON for a base cost of only £225 to our partners, we are giving them the flexibility to deliver higher speeds and bandwidth over full fibre to SMEs who would otherwise have to settle for contended broadband services.”

It is important that SMEs can access to faster services, he added, to ensure they could grow and develop. “The growth and prosperity of SMEs can all too easily be stifled by poor connectivity and it’s important for us to make sure that this kind of service is available and accessible to as many small businesses as possible.”

He also noted that the price at which Entanet is offering the service is less than many businesses might expect to pay per month for a company car or a shared office printer. Partners who take up the offer can decide how to package and present it to their own customers. They may want to offer it as a simple, low-price option or incorporate it into a wider value proposition.

In addition, SMEs are still able to take advantage of the Gigabit Voucher Scheme alongside the offer. All of Entanet’s full fibre gigabit-capable products are aligned with the government scheme, which allows firms to apply for funding of up to £2,500 off the connection charge, making the promotion even more appealing for businesses looking to grow.

North said that a number of partners have already seen success with the offer, which has been piloted in selected on-network cities. “We believe that the opportunity to offer Gigabit-capable services is too good for our partners to miss – and that’s certainly proved to be the case in the pilot areas. We are totally convinced that it’s a winning proposition, both for our partners and for SME customers.”

As well as blisteringly-fast 500Mbps and 1Gbps speed options, Entanet’s GPON service provides unlimited usage, a 100% SLA with a Guaranteed Return to Service within five business hours and time to installation is typically 65 working days.

A blog by Paul North on the reasons why Britain’s SMBs need faster connections may be read at: https://www.enta.net/opinion/2019/03/28/putting-gigabit-connectivity-in-the-reach-of-smes/

More information on Entanet’s GPON service is available at www.enta.net/fullfibre.

*Price presented is the cost to channel partners

Picture: Paul North, Entanet.

Entanet Paul North

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