If you are going jump on the bandwagon, do it with a bit of style and creativity

By Simon Meredith | 25th February 2022

There was a piece by Nick Booth in MicroScope this week taking a slightly askance perspective of ‘zero trust’ and what it really means.

It’s good to see a piece that takes a different approach and walks a line between being entertaining and informative. Let’s face it, at times, our subject matter can be pretty dry. And while cybersecurity is a serious matter, if we can do anything to make it more interesting for everyone, that’s got to be good.

‘Zero trust’ is one of those terms that has been jumped on by everyone and quickly become almost meaningless. That’s why – if you do use it – you have to be a little bit more creative and interesting. That’s what Nick has done here. He cleverly gets the people he interviews to come up with their own interpretation.

One uses a Laurel and Hardy metaphor; another describes it as ‘a bad day on the tennis court’. There is a hotel check-in analogy and one that compares security to the construction of a ship. Others re-cast the term as ‘minimum trust’, as ‘never trust, always verify’, and as ‘rational trust’.

This keeps it interesting and, hopefully, keeps the reader scrolling. Nick’s done a great job and I can imagine everyone who contributed is pleased with the result. It deserves to get plenty of views and shares.

It is great to see a bit of creativity in channel coverage. While Nick has done the hard work here, it’s always worth thinking of how you can approach a subject from a different and more interesting angle.

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