Maverick AV Solutions offers 90-days credit on sales to education and public sector over the summer break

By Simon Meredith | 10th July 2019
  • Extended credit period makes it easier for resellers to fund business for schools who – due to being closed over the summer break – may not be able to make payments on the usual terms
  • Removes barriers and enables resellers to sell more and schools to invest more in technology

Basingstoke, 10 July 2019 – Maverick AV Solutions, the specialist audiovisual business of Tech Data, is offering 90 days of credit to resellers supplying schools over the holiday period, to ensure that there are no barriers to investments being made in new technologies over the summer period.

The offer applies to products from a select group of leading vendors in the education and audiovisual sectors who are key partners for Maverick AV Solutions, including Barco, BenQ, Dell, Epson, LG, Promethean, Sony, ViewSonic and Vision. It can also be used alongside other financial schemes available from Maverick AV Solutions, such as Tech-as-a-Service, to drive sales to the sector.

With many schools shutting completely over the long summer break, administration staff and budget holders are not always available to process documentation and authorise payments in time for equipment and software to be installed. The extended credit terms will enable resellers to give education customers more time to pay and thus enable immediate investment.

The extended offer can also be used for other public sector sales – to local government and hospitals for example, who are also running on lower staff numbers over the summer. Resellers can take advantage of the offer on all sales to education and the public sector until the end of August.

Anna-Marie Constantinou, Business Unit Director for Maverick AV Solutions, UK, said: “Education presents a big opportunity for resellers over the summer period as this is the best time for schools to install new technologies, such as large-format interactive displays and collaboration solutions. This can be a significant commitment for schools. The extended credit offer will make it easier for resellers that work with Maverick AV Solutions to do business with education and public sector over this period. It will ensure they can meet customer needs without having to manage any gap between the customer paying them, and them having to pay us.”

The extended summer credit offer is only one aspect of the wider credit and finance services portfolio that Maverick AV Solutions makes available to its customers. Others include Tech-as-a-Service and the Credit Elevator.

Tech-as-a-Service enables customers to pay for the whole of their technology investment on a monthly subscription instead of setting out a large, on-off capital payment. With high and guaranteed residual values (subject to terms and conditions), the overall payment over a three-year lifecycle period can often be smaller than the initial capital cost. This allows customers to invest in new technologies now rather than having to wait, and has proved to be especially popular with education customers.

The Credit Elevator scheme enables resellers to step up from an initial £5000 credit line to £1 million, with their limit raised each month, automatically. The increases are at agreed increments and conditional on the reseller using 75 percent of the line within the previous month and that payment is made on normal 30-day terms.

Picture: Anna-Marie Constantinou, Maverick AV Solutions.

Maverick Anna-Marie Constantinou

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