SYNAXON Shop provides quick and easy way for partners to place orders on SYNAXON Hub

By Simon Meredith | 17th January 2024

Warrington, 17 January 2024 – SYNAXON has announced the launch of SYNAXON Shop, a web portal that makes it easy for reseller partners to place orders on SYNAXON Hub, providing them with access to a wide range of best-selling products from leading manufacturers via its distribution operation.

With its easy-to-use and intuitive search & ordering process, SYNAXON Shop gives partners a fast and reliable platform through which they can source the products they need. Combined with an industry-leading 14-day returns policy and centralised RMA processes, SYNAXON Shop makes SYNAXON Hub the very best resource for reseller partners that want to maximise their efficiency and profitability, while delivering great service and value to their end-user customers.

Miguel Rodriguez, Managing Director, SYNAXON Hub said: “SYNAXON Hub is already a big success. More UK partners have been discovering the exceptional choice, availability and value that we are able to provide by leveraging our purchasing power with major distributors and vendors. SYNAXON Shop is a large piece of this jigsaw. It provides partners with a simple way to place orders directly from SYNAXON Hub, streamlining the process and driving further efficiencies and cost-savings for their business.”

“That translates directly into improved customer service and higher profitability for them. It will also help us to continue growing and developing SYNAXON Hub and allow us to make even more popular products available on the platform, which in turn will make it an even more valuable tool for our reseller partners.”

Access to SYNAXON Shop is available to all UK resellers on request. In addition, partners are still able to find products and place orders on SYNAXON Hub through the EGIS web portal. They can continue to use the latter to check on the best availability and pricing – and manage all their orders – on more than 2 million products from leading UK and European distributors.

Picture: Miguel Rodriguez, SYNAXON.

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