TD SYNNEX launches 5G Project Service to support new Cradlepoint partners

By Simon Meredith | 23rd October 2023

Enables resellers to offer solutions without having to make their own up-front investment in technical resources and training

Basingstoke, 23 October 2023 –TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) launched a 5G Project Service to support partners in delivering solutions based around the leading set of communications products from Cradlepoint, without having to make any up-front investment in technical resource.

Having recently been certified to provide Cradlepoint professional and managed services for 4G LTE and 5G, TD SYNNEX is now offering a comprehensive set of options that make it easier for new partners to get their 5G sales moving.

“Investing up-front in learning about a new technology like 5G is not always easy for partners – our 5G Project Service removes the barriers,” said Mark Best, senior director, managed services, Europe, TD SYNNEX. “For their initial sales, we can now offer services such as device staging, site surveys and installation for partners, and then help them to manage and support customers. We’ll do that until they get fully up and running themselves. That means there is no risk for the partner, but they can still be sure that their customers will get the expert advice and support they need.”

Specialists from both TD SYNNEX and Cradlepoint will be available to provide expert advice, consultancy and support for partners on 5G proposals and the implementation of solutions. TD SYNNEX will formally launch the  project services at a special partner event on 29 November. This will also be a good opportunity for partners to learn more about TD SYNNEX’s Trade in and recycling services. A team from TD SYNNEX Capital will be also available to provide information on the services it offers.

The 5G opportunity is growing fast, so it’s an ideal time to get on board, Best added: “Many larger organisations are already adopting 5G due to the superior flexibility and high speeds and bandwidth it offers. For businesses of all sizes, it is now a real alternative to fixed-line connections – and in many scenarios it’s now preferred. The technology has been enthusiastically adopted in areas like construction, retail, transport, hospitality and Blue Light services.”

The November partner event takes place at the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire. As well as exploring the huge potential of 5G for partners, this will feature presentations on how Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Exchange (NCX) Secure Connect solution is being used to provide secure hybrid connectivity using both cellular and wired links.

In addition, the TD SYNNEX IoT team will demonstrate how Cradlepoint products can be used to provide the vital link between edge-based devices and sensors and analytics platforms in the cloud. Teams from HPE Aruba and Panorama Antennas will also be demonstrating their products alongside Cradlepoint’s 5G technology.

Partners can register for the event at

Picture: Mark Best, TD SYNNEX.

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