TD SYNNEX launches Financial Services Industry Ecosystem

By Simon Meredith | 28th November 2023

Group will bring together ISVs, financial market specialists and partners with complementary skills to develop and market new solutions and services

Basingstoke, 29 November 2023 – TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) has launched an industry ecosystem community for financial services with the aim of bringing ISVs and businesses that have specialist expertise, applications or services, together with partners that have access to markets.

The first official meeting was held at IBM’s prestigious York Road location in London earlier this month, with an initial core group of interested parties gathering to discuss strategic objectives and a plan of action. Presenters included: Lee Armstrong, director ecosystems and global system integration, UK and Ireland at IBM; Ian Lyon, global technology sales in finance and banking at IBM; and Yusuf Budeiri, senior client technical professional for IBM Sterling, the vendor’s advanced supply chain solution for financial services.

The next stage will see key players working together to organise the first large-scale event aimed at ISVs, solutions and service providers, end user organisations and other interested partners. This is currently scheduled to take place in April 2024.

Neil Cornish, Ecosystems Business Manager at TD SYNNEX, said: “It’s great to get the financial services industry ecosystem up and running. The initial meeting was extremely productive and we are all looking forward to bringing together interested parties with different perspectives, skills, and capabilities as we expand and develop the ecosystem.

“Financial services organisations have extremely diverse needs and with the exciting new developments we are now seeing in generative AI and in data analytics, there is huge potential to create new and differentiated solutions and to drive additional value for customers.”

Helping financial services organisations to meet regulatory and compliance needs is another major area of opportunity, he added. “One of the big talking points at our first meeting was around DORA – the Digital Operational Resilience Act, the requirements of which all financial services organisations will need to meet by the start of 2025. It will also impact third party providers, and many will need help to become fully compliant, creating new opportunities for partners to work together to address these requirements.”

The Financial Services Industry Ecosystem is the seventh to be launched by TD SYNNEX in the UK. Three others cover other industry sectors – Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail and Distribution. The remaining three are technology ecosystems, focused on Sustainability, Cybersecurity and on Red Hat containerised solutions. They are all operating successfully with regular gatherings and workshops taking place.

Since the first ecosystem (Healthcare) was launched, there has been a real shift in attitudes, said Cornish. “Four years ago, if we’d have asked a group of partners at one of our meetings if they were collaborating with any other organisations to deliver solutions, we’d have drawn a blank. Today, we would always expect to see multiple relationships already in place or in development. There is a recognition that as requirements become more complex no single partner can do it all for every customer. And, over the past four years, one major change has taken place between participating partners – trust.

“By creating these ecosystems, we are bringing together businesses with different skill sets and capabilities, accelerating collaboration and partnership within the channel. By participating in events and round tables, trust grows between partners. This approach is working in all the six areas we’ve already launched and I’m confident it will also work very well in financial services.”

Picture: Neil Cornish, TD SYNNEX.

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