TD SYNNEX’s and CF Corporate’s Microsoft Flex aims to help SMBs step up to Surface

By Simon Meredith | 1st February 2024

Flexible finance options make it easier for partners to offer and sell Microsoft Surface devices and feed legacy products back into the circular economy

Basingstoke, 01 February 2024 – TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) and CF Corporate Finance Limited (CF Corporate) have launched Microsoft Flex – a flexible finance programme designed to make it easier for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and public sector organisations to purchase Surface laptop devices. The programme will also enable partners to take advantage of the extended availability of the popular range to open up new business opportunities.

Created in partnership with specialist financial services provider, CF Corporate, the Microsoft Flex programme enables end-user customers to pay for new Surface laptops over 12 to 48 months, with assured and transparent end-of-term options. This lowers the overall cost of the products, streamlines cashflow and reduces risk for the customer. An automated quoting tool for the service is available to UK partners on TD SYNNEX’s e-commerce platform, InTouch.

In addition, partners can make use of TD SYNNEX’s Trade-in scheme to provide customers with an even better deal, ensure that legacy hardware enters the circular economy, and is fully recycled with verified disposal and data erasure.

Sophia Haywood-Atkinson, services director, UK, TD SYNNEX, stated: “With the arrival of new AI-enabled chipsets, a wave of Windows 11 upgrades expected, and the reach of Surface now being expanded to more partners, it’s the perfect time to introduce the Microsoft Flex programme. We know from partner feedback that a lot of SMBs would love to step up to Surface but often feel it is just out of their reach. The Microsoft Flex scheme makes it easier for them to fund that investment – and by making use of our Trade-in programme, partners can offer even better value to customers and ensure that their hardware is fed back into the circular economy.”

As well as enabling customers to invest in new Surface devices right away, the Microsoft Flex programme provides various options for the end of the agreement. Customers can either return the equipment, roll it on at the same rate, extend for 12 or 24 months, or make a one-off final fee and have indefinite use of the equipment. All options are embedded into the agreement and are set out clearly at the start.

“Having a great set of flexible options at the end of the contract period is important”, said Mike Yiannakou, director, CF Corporate. “We’ve worked closely with TD SYNNEX to develop the Flex programme and help make it even easier for partners to sell Surface devices. It gives SMBs and education buyers a clear set of options, written into the contract from day one, and also dovetails neatly with the drive towards greater sustainability in IT. We’ll be working with the TD SYNNEX team to offer partners all the support and guidance they need to maximise the potential of this exciting new offer.”

Microsoft recently expanded the availability of Surface devices, enabling any partner to view full availability, pricing and order products without being formally registered as a partner. While this makes it easier to provides quotes on Surface, TD SYNNEX continues to encourage partners to sign-up for the Microsoft partner programme and thus gain access to a range of benefits, including access to deal registration and special pricing terms.

Picture: Sophia Haywood-Atkinson, TD SYNNEX.

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