Top level of Tech Data’s £1 million Credit Elevator reached for first time

By Simon Meredith | 14th May 2018

Resellers starting to climb the credit ladder – more dialogue and interaction taking place as resellers address new challenges

Basingstoke, 14 May 2018– Tech Data Corporation (Nasdaq: TECD) has seen one of its customers reach the new £1 million top line of its Credit Elevator programme, underlining the need for the scheme and how effective it can be in giving businesses the ability to step up to height limits without having to go through repeated reassessments.

The reseller concerned had been on the previous accelerator programme but stepped up to the new scheme when it was launched in February. A good number of resellers have joined the new scheme and, according to Nick Tiltman, Credit Services Director, it will not be too long before another business hits the upper limit.

“It’s great to see a reseller reach the top of the Credit Elevator so soon and we’re delighted, because it proves that there is a need to make it easier for customers to grow their credit line without having to jump through the same set of hoops every few weeks. There are plenty more moving up the scale now, so we’d expect others to reach the top quite soon.”

Once a reseller has attained a £1 million credit line, Tech Data will actively renegotiate limits and terms and conditions with them to ensure all their needs are being met. The Credit Elevator scheme enables resellers to step up from an initial £5000 credit line automatically, providing 75 per cent of the line is used within the month and that payment is made on normal 30-day terms. Resellers can extend the line every month or move up to the next level when their sales grow.

Tiltman said that the introduction of the scheme had also opened up other areas of potential and discussion. “We’ve had a lot more dialogue and interaction on credit in the past three months. Resellers are facing new challenges around managing finance and we’re very happy to discuss options and work with them to find appropriate solutions that will work for everyone.”

Any reseller interested in finding out more about the Credit Elevator should email

Picture: Nick Tiltman, Tech Data.

Tech Data Nick Tiltman

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