Tech Data unveils identity and access management as a service offering for partners

By Simon Meredith | 4th January 2022

Enables partners to offer comprehensive, reliable, pro-active, identity and access management without making up-front investment

Basingstoke, 04 January 2022Tech Data, a TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) company, has launched an identity and access management as a service (IAMaaS) offering, enabling partners to offer a managed service to their customers without having to invest up-front or waiting until they have developed their own capabilities.

The growing threat from cybercriminals and the shift to hybrid working practices has made the management of identities and network access a much greater challenge for organisations. They now have to manage much more distributed and virtual groups of users, making sure that users have access to the applications and services they need, while also safeguarding systems and data from infiltration. Many enterprises and mid-sized organisations are also adopting a zero-trust approach to deal with the increased risk and complexity of managing a more distributed workforce

Alison Nixon, director, security, Advanced Solutions, UK and Ireland, Tech Data, said: “Identity and access management is right on the front line of enterprise digital defences and should be a critical element of every organisation’s security posture. But many customers don’t have a policy or a solution in place – and many partners do not have the in-house skills and capabilities to manage IAM for their customers and deliver the right outcomes. Our service breaks that impasse, providing our partners with a managed IAM service that they and their customers can trust.”

The Tech Data IAMaaS service offering is designed to be easy to sell, deploy and manage. It makes use of tried and tested IAM services provided by select industry partners and offers protection in three key areas – access management, identity governance and administration, and privileged access management. Making use of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory as its foundation, it provides a set of practice frameworks and technologies for the establishment of secure access and to ensure privileged access and administrator activities are always secure, audited, and fully under control.

IAMaaS is the latest addition to Tech Data’s RECON™ Security Suite services portfolio, which makes it easier for partners to improve their customers’ cybersecurity posture. This comprises managed and subscription-based services that partners can offer to their customers, with all aspects of technical delivery and on-going support provided by Tech Data’s security practice. All the RECON™ Security Suite services have been developed around the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework. As well as identity and access management, services available include security consulting, SOCaaS, and backup and recovery.  Tech Data is also working on further additions to RECON™ for launch in 2022.

By providing these ready-to-deploy services, Tech Data is enabling partners to offer a wide range of managed security services without making up-front investments. This allows partners to take a low-risk approach as they build their own security practice and capabilities as an MSSP. Partners that want build a long-term security business can make use of Tech Data’s Security Practice Builder to define their strategy, follow a tailored development pathway, and become a trusted advisor on security and data protection for their customers.

Picture: Alison Nixon, Tech Data.

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