Zyxel Networks unveils plug-and-play switch to support fast connections and high-powered PoE in small businesses and homes

By Simon Meredith | 5th February 2024

The new XMG-100 Series provides 2.5G speeds along with 10G uplink connectivity and PoE++ capabilities.

February 5, 2024 — Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI-powered cloud networking solutions, today launched the XMG-100 series of 2.5GbE unmanaged switches. Tailor-made to meet the needs of homes and small businesses, these user-friendly, plug-and-play devices are designed to provide high throughput and high-powered Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support for multiple devices.

Available in 5-port and 8-port versions, they provide simple set-up and fast 2.5G speed performance across all ports, making them ideal for connecting devices such as the latest WiFi 6/6E or WiFi 7 access points, IP surveillance cameras, VoIP phones, media players, and smart home devices such as LED lights and security sensors.

The XMG-100 switches also come with an additional 10G (SFP+) fibre uplink port allowing easy connection to equipment such as NAS devices and small servers for the rapid transfers of large files and video and image content.

Easy to install
Support for PoE++ allows multiple devices to be powered directly from the switch, making it easy and convenient to connect and use multiple devices in a small workplace or home. The 5-port (XMG-105HP) and 8-port (XMG-108HP) PoE models have total power budgets of 70W and 100W respectively. A non-PoE version of the 8-port switch (XMG-108) is also available.

These zero configuration switches can be installed and used with customers’ existing Cat5 cables, keeping costs down and further simplifying deployment.

Energy-saving design
A fanless design, combined with a solid metal case and efficient heat dissipation, ensures that the XMG-100 series runs silently while also saving energy. With a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to 40°C and a small form factor, the XMG-100 series can be easily placed on desktops, mounted on walls, or confined spaces.

“With the advent of WiFi 6 and WiFi 7, the 2.5G standard has emerged as the new baseline for Ethernet switches,” comments Mr. Kell Lin, Senior Associate Vice President of Zyxel Networks’ Networking Strategic Business Unit. “Our XMG-100 series stands out as the premier choice among all 2.5G switches, offering unmatched ultra-high performance, durability, exceptional PoE++ budget and the flexibility to connect to 10G networks as needed. This series is designed to provide an unprecedented experience for applications that demand high bandwidth and low latency, setting a new benchmark in the industry.”

For more information about Zyxel Networks’ XMG-100 series, and to learn more about how home users can upgrade their network to boost its online streaming performance, please visit https://www.zyxel.com/global/en/products/switch/5-8-port-2-5g-unmanaged-switch-with-10g-uplink-xmg100-series.

Picture: Zyxel Networks’ XMG-100 series.


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